We are in the middle of moving across country, so my house and life are a little messy right now. (forgive and excuse me) I do however want to participate in Mommy Favs along with Brittany over on Exploring Life as A Mom. Here are days 1-4.

week 25Day 1 – Intro

My name is Stacie and little munchkin is due in June!

We are still tossed between names, but for now he is affectionately called, “Bear”.

He is super active and very heavy. I am ALL BELLY and completely ok with that.

I love to sew, do yoga, and be outdoors.

He makes me crave spicy foods (good thing we live in Texas)

I have an adorable Dalmatian doggie named Galao.


Day 2 – Bathtime

We have gathered a lot of baby products and supplies over the last month or so. I have also done tons of research and browsing. Some bath time items that we are going to use are:

  • Johnson & Johnson Baby Products  They even have a lavender scent for bedtime baths. I remember my mom using it when I was a kid, it is just so soothing and gentle.   P.S. They have a FREE Bedtime Sleep App you can download here.
  • Blooming Bath is another amazing product we got for bath time. (my aunt bought it for us off of our registry) Is it a giant, soft “flower” that lines the sink so you can stand and comfortably give baby a bath without having to worry about him bumping on the hard kitchen sink.
  • Washcloths. I made my own for “Bear” using a really cute under the sea pattern. You can see the DIY instructions here.

*will add as we get more items

20140120-141640.jpgDay 3 – Diapering

I wish I could put all of the research I did on diapering in one giant post and share it with you to save you the trouble of  doing it yourself. Unfortunately I cannot.  I feel like that is all I did for months. I research every type of cloth diapering, hybrid diapers, the cost difference between disposables and cloth, the cleaning options… you get the point. I love the idea of cloth diapers and I have several friends who use and LOVE them. Honestly, I don’t think they are for us. I work full time. Daddy isn’t into the whole cleaning poop off something then putting it in the same machine his clothes get washed in. We don’t have a house with a washer and dryer in it. It just isn’t something we feel is best for us.

In the mean time we are stocking up on every and any diaper we can get our hands on. (yes, I would love those size 2 your son just grew out of) A few of my friends have recommended their favorites to me. One is the Baby’s R’ Us brand. If you sign up for their coupon mailings you get coupons off their diapers all the time. She said they are stronger and better than any other off brand she has tried and compare you get 192 for the price of 76 Huggies.

  • Powder, creams, etc. I have some things that people have given me and I will try. I have heard great things about Butt Paste the Dollar Tree also has a brand called Butt Aid that I have heard works just as well. DIY baby power.  I might get motivated and make some myself. DIY Butt Paste.
  • Wipes. I want to try these homemade wipes. If that doesn’t work (and for on the run) I am sticking to the sensitive and natural wipes.
  • Changing Station. I had a plan for his nursery, now we shall see. As for portable options, here is the changing pad I made him.

1975024_10203096561635916_1698244847_nDay 4 – Feeding

I could go on for a while on this subject, we will keep it brief.

When I first thought about feeding our new baby, breast feeding all the way was my main thought. I COULD DO IT! I wasn’t going to be like those other moms who gave us cause it was difficult or painful. I was tough and resilient. Then the realization of going back to work full time, pumping, waking up an extra hour early, etc all hit. What if I couldn’t handle the stress? What if I can’t calm down enough to pump or worse, time isn’t available at my busy job? The fears of not being able to or it being too much overwhelmed me. I was going to give up, wasn’t I? Then a friend told me about supplemental feeding. I honestly had never had that option run across my mind before that day. If I can’t pump enough, he can take a bottle while I’m at work. My fears were gone. Now we are stocking up on Free Samples and gifts of formula. Better safe than sorry (and it saves money).

Here is an awesome read that helped me feel better about some of the choices we were making. Hope it encourages you!

To The Mom Who’s…

– As for bottles, I am stocking up on Tommy Tippy, Advent, Similac, and other brands that have the wider bottles and nipples that are good for breast feeding/supplement moms.

-Baby (Magic) Bullet. We also have one of these that I plan on using to make baby food with once he is older.

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