#MommyFavs – Post 2

I missed days 5-7 because we were in an SUV with everything we own strapped to the roof traveling across country. What a trip. Happy to say we arrived safely and sane late last night. We have almost everything out of the truck and in piles. Unpacking/putting stuff into storage may take a few days.

#5 – Firsts
I don’t have much input here. He is still in my belly. I do remember the first time he kicked. I honestly thought I had really bad gas, then the next kick was very distinct. He hasn’t stopped since. He is a super active child.

#6 – Out and About
We have not purchased a stroller/ car seat yet. I have done my research though and plan on buying the Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect. I’ve heard nothing but good about it. One handed fold, open, lift, and easy to attach and remove the car seat from the stroller.
I’ve also researched a lot of carriers. We have a cute Spider-Man one that was given to us, but it won’t last too long. I plan on purchasing the Infantino Mai Tai. It can be tied in three different ways. Both me and my hubby can wear it. Fits up to toddler size. Inexpensive.

#7 – Sleeping and Playtime

We made the best choice ( well we will see how he likes it, but I think it’s amazing) with our crib. We purchased the Graco Pack n’Play it has three stages of sleeping for the baby, a changing table, a side storage, music portal to connect your iPod to, and a vibrating insert. It is many things all into one (great for small spaces) and can fold up and store/move easily and quickly. It also is the perfect height to butt up next to my side of the bed for the first few weeks. I can roll over and get him out of his bassinet with ease.
We also have a Rock N Play.. This will stay at Nana’s. It folds up and can easily be stored behind a couch or in a closet. It is great for naps or when they just need to be set down for a bit.

#8 – Safety


I did receive my FREE child safety kit from P&G. Other Than that we will get things as age appropriate.


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