#MommyFavs – Post 3

We’re getting settled and I’m starting at my new location Friday. Baby stuff over takes me life and I love it. He has more than he will ever need and I can’t resist making even more cute stuff. Here are days 9-12 for Mommy Favs!



Day 9- Clothing


He has SO much already. I have been blessed with hand-me-downs (some with the tags still on them) from friends and family. I have taken some of the plain onesies and decorated them, but honestly he would be fine if they were just white. I have at least 30 onesies, 10 pants, 5 sleepers, 10 pairs of socks, a few hats, and a couple of shirts for him in Newborn size. I think that is more than sufficient. At least I won’t be doing laundry everyday.

Some of my favorite clothing brands are “Carter’s” (I worked for Osh Kosh for 2 years and I just love the style and quality), Gerber onesies are very well made, and JCP has some amazing children’s clothing (that goes on ridiculous sale in January. Keep your eyes pealed).


Day 10 – Pregnancy

I have been fortunate with a fairly easy pregnancy. The first three months was nothing but morning sickness and fatigue, but after week 13 or 14 I have had energy and motivation. I’m in week 26 and have no swelling or excessive weight gain. He is all in the front and very big. I’ve done a lot of research on all things pregnancy from work outs to prenatal to FREEBIES. Check it out on “MY BIG POST OF ALL THINGS PREGNANCY”.


Day 11 – ABC’s

Honestly I can’t think of something for each of these. Forgive me as I bow out on this day.

Day 12 – Closer

I can’t think of anything major I haven’t been able to talk about. This was a great challenge, I want to thank Britteny for involving me. I hope you learned something new, moms. Be sure to check out all my baby, pregnancy, and mommy related posts!!

DIY for baby and mommy posts:


Infinity Scarf/Nursing Cover


Mobile for Car Seat or Bassinet


Baby Blanket


Baby Bib


Diaper Bag


Storage Baskets


Portable Changing Mat


Baby Washcloths

*I did actually get to make these. Came out so cute and cost less than $2 for 4.


Remote Control Holder turned into a Baby Station for the Living Room

1381713_10203184162985895_1580384532_nHooded Bath Towel inspired by THIS tutorial


Decorative DIY Onesies inspired by Pinterest


4 thoughts on “#MommyFavs – Post 3”

  1. Thanks it was wonderfull I haven’t got to finish mine yet but working on it I hope you get to add things as your little one is born and grows

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