Master Bedroom/Nursery Combo

master bedroom nursery comboIf you are anything like me you have searched the web far and wide for ideas on how to do a cute and efficient Master Bedroom/Nursery Combo only to find that they only exist in Better Homes and Garden Magazine where everything is picture perfect and a “budget nursery” is something between $1,000 and $1,500. Unfortunately that is not me. My “Master Bedroom” is also not large enough to be considered 3 rooms in one with a walk-in closet that could be a room all to itself (I miss my walk in closet sometimes). We live in one, small room that also has some of my MIL crafting supplies in it, an entertainment center, the dog’s kennel, and a computer desk. So fitting baby in is quite the trick. Tetris was NOT a waste of childhood hours. The room looks a little cluttery at first glance (I’m working on that) but is also has A LOT of stuff in it. Not my ideal living space, but we make it work and livable. You can see more of it and how I make the most of our tiny space on my post Living in Tiny Spaces.

Now I”m going to show you little Bear’s “section” of the room. His tiny little nursery.

We chose to get him a Pack n Play for a crib. This one has three stages that will grow with him (in case we are still in a tiny place as he grows, if not it will be good for Nanna’s house). It is what WORKS for our family. THAT IS WHAT MATTERS. As you are going through the process of buying things for the baby and preparing the nursery (no matter the size) REMEMBER, do what works for your family and situation no matter what other people may judge or push onto you. As long as it is functional and safe, do it!

Here you can see the bottom of the Pack N Play. This area is underneath the net that currently holds the mattress. It is a GREAT storage area for stuffies and other items he can’t yet use. (every inch matters in this room).


This is a view of the side before the top part is put on (he will not be in the bottom section where all the toys are, also keep the area the baby will sleep free of toys and blankets). 20140320_105222

A slightly closer look at the storage hamper on the side that the changing mat will be. I have two large stacks of diapers (we’ve got about 50 of each brand in size 1 that were given to us, so we can try them and figure out what works best). His elephant and a book. Burp cloths that I made. More diapers. Baby bathing items. Bottle. Lotion. Pacifier. 20140320_105158

The bottom shelf with baby bath time items. (including washcloths I made)


Next to the crib (Pack N Play) there is a table that I put container on to hold extra items (onesies, clothes, more diapers, tissues, etc) I am also going to put some of these containers under the changing table portion of the Pack N Play while he is in the stage of sleeping only in the bassinet. (I bought the orange bucket at the Dollar Tree and made some cloth containers from leftovers of a Christmas Project). 20140320_143140

I put a few of the toy links I received as a gift onto the top of his bassinet. Giraffe and Turtle 🙂 The rest I can clip onto different places for easy entertainment or save for when he is older.


In the crib, away from where he will sleep, I put a gorgeous blanket that my friend’s mom made and the Ernie toy that was my husband’s when he was a kid. 20140320_143132

Here is a closer look at the blanket. (also some cute onesies my SIL bought)

1900157_10203221822927370_2025348591_nAnd here is the top view. Bassinet and changing table. It is next to natural light (which I love), you can access the changing table side standing up (which is also the side with the storage hamper and table with baskets) and though you can’t see in the photo, the crib is pressed right up to our bed, so I can sit up, propped on my pillow, and feed him in the middle of the night without ever leaving bed.


It is tiny and quaint and works just fine for us. I also have a few more ideas for storage, etc that I’m sure I’ll put into practice and add here later. In the mean time I’d love to hear how you make a tiny nursery work or about your master/nursery combo.


**Be sure to keep an eye out for my upcoming post “Packing the Hospital Bag”**


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