Off to Grandma’s Bag – Small Diaper Bag Tutorial

diaper bag diy




20140405-103639.jpg20140405-103644.jpg 1932440_687268381336148_580068584_n


I made a few of these simple Diaper Bags this week. One for a friend as a Baby Shower gift and another as an “Off to Grandma’s Bag”. They took about 35- 40 min to complete and about a half yard of each fabric. There are three pockets in the front, perfect for bottles, wallets, keys, burp cloths, toys, etc. Fashionable too, so it looks a little more like a purse than a kid’s bag (which is great for those mom’s who hybrid their bags).


1. Cut 2 – 15″ x 15″ squares from each fabric (4 total)

2. Cut 3″ x 3″ square from each bottom corner.

3. Cut 15″ x 6″ piece for front pockets. Hem edges and sew in place

4. Sew right sides together (each set of 2) on red lines.

5. Flatten bottom corners so that red lines touch. Sew across to form a rectangular bottom to the bag.

6. Fold and iron 1/4″ on top side of both “sacks”. Sew together around top edge.

7. Make strap from a strip of fabric 3″ x 90″. Sew in half, turn right side out, iron. Sew to bag completely around both sides of strap. Space as needed for pockets.Diaper Bag



Here is “Off to Grandma’s Bag”. A gift for Nana and Pop-pop.



It includes diapers, a bottle, toys, burp cloths, sample size shampoo and soap, a cute onesie, and blanket.








We also put together his rock n play to keep at Nana’s.

Perfect for naps and if they need a break from holding him.



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