Am I A Bad Mom?


I buy disposable diapers
I work full time
I don’t buy organic
I don’t want to homeschool my kids
I don’t have scripture verses posted around the house

I don’t feel like a bad mom
I am true to myself
I am real with others
I have inner peace

I didn’t always

I wasn’t always

I have days that I am not

I don’t do or not do those things because I am firmly against them, they are just where I am and my family is right now. And I am ok with that. It can get tough. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t scroll through Facebook and see a picture, post, or link that makes me feel inferior because I don’t do something the way that someone else does or is popular. It can be difficult to read blogs or do research and hear very opinionated views about something in the opposite direction from how I feel or am seeking to do it.

This is where being ok with myself and where we are as a family comes into play. It isn’t always easy, and sometime I have to step away from FB or Pinterest so that my comparative side doesn’t roar too loudly. Learn to love what you have, where you are at, and who you are. That doesn’t mean you never change or improve. It means you are embracing today for what it is. I always used to live in that “what could be” or “what will be” instead of breathing deep and enjoying the simple things around me in the day to day.

So when the voices are judgmental. When you feel like a failure. When you’re not sure if you’re doing it all right. Remember, right it’s not the same for everyone… And that’s ok. Look within and see what is best for your family and what you feel is right for your situation. And go with it, boldly and confidently!



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