There has been a lot of changes since we first started to plan the nursery. Moving across the country. Moving into a new place a month before D Day. Purchasing a new crib. Little things… 😉

Here are some before and after shots of the new nursery and a ton of ridiculous pictures of little details.

Closet Nursery Storage


For all of “Little Bear’s” clothes I used shoe and diaper boxes to keep them separated and organized. I covered this diaper box with pirate fabric. It took about 10 min and I stapled it, so when I’m done with the box I can reuse the fabric.

This is the bassinet in the Pack N Play (which will now stay at Nana’s. He will be spending a lot of time there (mostly because Nana is super excited for grand baby #1 they live really close by).


Rock N’ Play. HIGHLY Suggest this. It also we mostly be staying at Nana’s. Great for nap time or awake time.

10257259_10203455468448362_4411859324562620489_nThe cutest nap pod ever. Has a screen for out door use too. Folds up nice and slim. My hubby got it at a second hand store for $30.


Cloth baskets (that I made). Great for socks and little things that get misplaced.


The side of the Pack n’ Play has this awesome diaper station. Since it is at Nana’s I can store diapers, wipes, outfits, etc in this so he has everything he needs while there.


Top view of the Pack N’ Play. Changing pad on the right. 1900157_10203221822927370_2025348591_n

Whale blanket (a handmade gift)20140320_143132

Ernie belonged to my husband when he was a child. What an awesome thing to be able to pass down to our first son.


The NEW nursery before we began the move in process


It used to be a laundry room/closet. It is very close to the bedroom and in a great part of the apartment for a nursery.


Here it is part way through the moving process.    20140429_172151

Cupboards are stocked with clothing and supplies (not even half of what we have) and labeled accordingly. Of everything you see in this side of the cupboards I personally spent about… $8.


The crib fits perfectly. We got this $400 convertible crib (turns into a toddler bed and foot board/head board) for $150. I am putting some of his extra stuff (for 0-3 months) in an under the bed bag that fits great under the crib. It also has three levels for the mattress, as he grows we will lower it. (don’t worry, the outlets are going to get covered before we’re finished)20140429_172205

The top drawer of the changing station. Pop up wipes (I paid a dollar for the cute container that had a pack of wipes in it), diapers (gift), and butt cream (unused hand me down)


I hung a few things in our closet. Baby carriers, a few outfits, bath robes (yes he has two), a bag that holds his hats (grey in picture).



The clothing side. All 0-3 months (though not all of my 0-3 months clothing that I have for him). I will have two baskets in the closet labeled “Too Small” and “Too Big”. It will take a few weeks to figure out exactly which of the 0-3 fit him. Once that is mostly sorted this should hold all clothing he currently is wearing.

**We are far from done. I’ll be sure to update this post as we make improvements.




Updated pictures (above) from after the Baby Shower. Note the adorable hand crocheted octopus my sister- in-law made. Also, I wanted to point out the Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail. So easy to use. No batteries needed. Refill the deodorizer with baking soda (which is super cheap) and the refill bags are affordable. So easy to use my two year old nephew can work it. And as you can see my stock pile of diapers and wipes are growing more and more!


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