Packing the Hospital bags

Like almost everything else in this pregnancy, I did a ton of research and reading on what exactly I need to pack for the hospital. I read such a variety of lists, and finally came to the conclusion that I need to stop and think, “what works for me? “. After touring the hospital I had a much better idea as well of what I really needed. Here is a peak into what I have packed for the big day. Three bags in total.

The Baby’s Bag:


I chose a small diaper bag to bring to the hospital. Inside is…

2 outfits
3 onesies
2 sets of baby mittens
2 sets of baby socks
3 handmade knit baby hats
Diaper and wipe mini travel kit
Supplemental formula (just in case)
Bottle (in case I need to pump)
Erin (the same stuffie my husband had when he was born)

It seems like a lot. But we will be taking pictures in the hospital so I want a few cute and significant things.

Mommy’s Bag:


I used an oversized purse that I use as a carry-on when I fly. It also has daddy’s things. Inside is…

Our birth plan written out
Slipper socks
3 tanks tops with built in bras (not the underwire kind, but the second layer of fabric kind)
Bathing suit top
Old underwear
2 nightgowns
Old Sweatpants
Make up (mascara, eye shadow)
Kotex pads (free samples in mail)
Hair ties
Refresh body wipes
Hubby’s swim trunks
* grabbing on way out the door
Cell phone
Flip flops

I have playlists on my phone and ipad for birthing music as well as tips and tricks for helping labor pain and mantras to say during labor.

Snack Bag:


I know it seems ridiculous to have a snack bag, but it get hungry. You don’t want to see me on an empty stomach AND in pain. In this bag we have…

Coke (for daddy)
Tea bags
Pineapple juice (helps with lactation)
Fruit snacks
Granola bars
Cereal bars
Apple sauce
Hummus and pita chips
Starburst Jelly Beans (I grabbed a bag after Easter JUST for the occasion)

I asked my doctor and the hospital. They encourage you to eat if you’re hungry, unless you are having a c-section or it becomes a choking hazard.


There you have it! Remember to talk to your doctor and hospital before packing your bags. They will be able to help you decide what you do and do not need. I most likely packed way too much (considering the hospital is literally a mile from our house) but I like the feeling of being prepared.


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