Project 333 – Summer 2014 Post Pregnancy Wardrobe


I call this P333 and include it in my series, but to be perfectly honest with you (and this post is going to be VERY honest) there are WAY more than 33 items and it breaks a lot of the “guidelines” I usual follow. [Don’t forget to check out what P333 is all about. A great movement that I did not start, but am proud to be a tiny little part of by minimizing my life and promoting Courtney Carver in any way I can] As many of you know I am about to have a baby (due date is Monday to be exact). I was going to wait until after the baby and I lost the initial weight to even start my next season, but between moving and summer finally getting here, I was pretty fed up with my closet. Not that I can wear more than 5 things I own right now anyways, but I know the second I am no longer 175lbs and 40 weeks pregnant, I will want something fresh to put on. With all that in mind, I couldn’t actually try half of these things on today to see if they would even fit me this summer. So I am going on a guess of what I think I can realistically wear the next 3 months. Also, I will be on leave for a little bit, so work clothes we won’t even think about until right before I go back (even then they may not fall into the 33 for a little bit as I figure things out).

There are about 38 pieces all together, plus my sweat pants drawer… plus accessories and shoes. My jewelry collection has remained the same (except for adding the necklace my hubby bought me for Mother’s Day) I am happy in that aspect, I really do enjoy a few well made, versatile pieces of jewelry compared to college where I had more earrings than I could wear in a month. This is a really NEW and TRANSITIONAL time in my life. I have no idea how my body will stay the same or change over the next month. Some of it may NEVER go back to the way it was. (itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini… not going to hold these breasts ever again) That is why I feel I need to have a few more items than normal (also, I might go through a lot more clothes per day. If he spits up on my shirt I’m not going to want to smell like vomit all day) So here is what I have for my Summer 2014 – Post Pregnancy P333.



    20140614-121604-44164211.jpgDresses (5)

I know they will be my best friend. I used to hate them, then I grew up and realized how freeing they are.

Two maxi dresses

Green floral beach dress

Fancy “night out” dress

Coral floor length dress




T-Shirts (3)

Maroon Sonoma T-Shirt

Green Gap T-Shirt

Printed T


Nice Shirts (7)

For those days when I want to pretend I haven’t been up all night with an infant

and that my hair has gel in it, not baby spit. I also choose mostly shirts that were breast feeding friendly.

Black haltertop

Black sleeveless

Shimmery tank

Lace back with gathered bottom

Flowy off the shoulder top

Yellow flowy top

Sleeveless print top


Bottoms (10)

I keep some of the maternity pants in the mix (I’ve heard they are awesome those first few weeks)

I also took a wild guess at which shorts and jeans will fit me. I might be surprised either way with how they fit.

Maternity Jeans

Maternity capris

Stretchy “loose fit” jeans Black

Stretchy “loose fit” jeans Blue

Bermuda shorts

Jean shorts

Tan shorts

Grey shorts

Black mini skirt

Jean Skort


Tank Tops (9)

For those days when it is muggy and the baby is permanently attached to my boob as I attempt to do anything around the house.

I am looking at these as my “everyday wear” this summer.

Most of them are very breast feeding friendly and go well with my nursing bras or do not need a bra (around the house)

Purple Tubetop

Black snap button front

Black with built in bra

Green with built in bra

White cami

Green work out tank

Green cami

Teal with snap button front

Blue flowy tank


Outer Wear (4)

It isn’t Texas any more. Summer evenings can randomly get down to 60 degrees.

Grey sweatshirt

Green cardigan

Teal long sleeve

Purple sweater


Then there is the sweatpants drawer. (to be fair I share it with the Hubby)

20140614-130632-47192229.jpgWork Out Clothes

One of my favorite shirts that stretches

A new breast feeding work out shirt (thrift store$0.50)

Tankini (being realistic about the beach this summer)



A few belts I will most likely not have the patience for, a tiny purse in case I can actually go somewhere with just a purse,

my necklaces from last 33, a few light weight scarves for feeding “covers”



This is our spare closet in the Living Room.

Those are all the shoes we own. I haven’t bothered to put any away for the season.

One day I will get a better shoe organizer.



The Closet

Here it is. All 38 pieces. How glamorous!

It isn’t as tiny as some closets I have had, but it is no walk-in closet.

It also has all of our seasonal clothing storage as well as a good amount of baby items and sheets/towels.

Until we get a large dresser, the closet will be cluttery.

No fancy filters today, this is my reality.

There you have it. My Post Pregnancy 33. I hope it helps you in preparing your wardrobe after the amazing feat your body has just accomplished. Remember, everyone’s body heals and recovers differently. It is ok and normal for your body to NOT go back to the way it was before. (I honestly think I like having a butt and larger breasts, but it will take some getting used to and some new clothes that fit my shape well) You may need to revamp some of your clothing choices after a baby. Find items that fit and flatter, instead of being overly determined to fit back into your skinny jeans. Your hip bones may never allow that now.

Have fun and good luck!



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