I Still Eat Bread

I have friends from all walks of life, and all types of personalities. A few of them are very passionate about their choices and lifestyles. Some, to the point where I block their status on FB. I honestly can not read another post about how I’m feeding my child plastic if my veggies are not organic. (Ok so maybe I’m exaggerating a little… But not too far out)
There are days that I think twice about posting a thought, activity, or photos to FB for fear of being judged by those friends. I don’t know why I care what they think, but somewhere deep down I do. I do a lot of unpopular things. I’m not on certain “heathy” bandwagons. I still eat bread. My vegetables are often not organic. I supplement my son with formula. I work full time. I don’t workout at the gym (or very much anymore). I don’t have a “green” vehicle. My clothes aren’t fair trade cotton. I like sugar. I don’t like Starbucks. I’d take milk over soy any day. Oh, and I buy my clothes at the thrift store.

For the most part, I am 100% OK with these choices. They are what fits my family. There is nothing “wrong” with these choices. Yet, every once in a while I feel the pressure of what “everyone else is doing” creep in a plant a seed of discontent or failure. It is easy to feel peer pressure (even as an adult). Even good choices can become popular fads. I love that more and more people are pushing healthy things, but not when it makes me feel inferior of I don’t follow along.

So for now, I will hide a few people’s status and continue to love my grilled cheese sandwiches, non-organic veggies, and $3 bottles of wine. I will supplement my son with formula so that I can be a full time working mom. As for the gym, it will most likely be replaced with playgrounds here in the near future. Today I will live MY life guilt and comparison free, and love every moment of it.



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