Fall P333 – Taking a Break

After having my son and finally being able to fit back into my clothes again, I was so excited to make my next set of 33. As I was sorting through for my fall clothes, I was a little overwhelmed by the 3+ boxes of clothes that I owned beyond my summer only clothes. As I looked through shirts I hadn’t worn in years and pants that may never fit these hips again, I decided it was time to purge. I put anything that a 30 yr old mom and women pursuing her career would never be caught dead in, to the side. (I’m not thirty yet, but I’m trying to get into classic styles and away from college trends). Then I tried on all pants and got rid of any that didn’t fit. Ouch! I could have set them to the side, but I don’t want to set unrealistic goals. I have larger hips now. I just birthed a child. It is ok that I will never fit into those skinny jeans from junior year again. After the purge was complete, I put all of my shorts and strictly summer shirts (only a few that I don’t want to over wear) into a box. The rest of my clothes went into the closet. Either hung up, in my three drawer dresser, or folded on the top shelf.

I honestly do not know how many pieces that is, but it is everything I own. It isn’t too overwhelming and I have a lot to choose from. I am spending the next 3 months seeing what exactly I do and do not wear in my closet. What pieces need to go away forever, and which ones do I need to find more of to make my wardrobe work. So far it has been freeing and new. I am excited to down size even more in the near future and to get more everyday pieces. There is a good used clothing boutique that just moved in next door that I plan on taking advantage of after my next purge 😀





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