Homemade Baby Food


Little Man turn 4 months old a few weeks ago. He is growing leaps and bounds. In the last two weeks he has discovered his toes, ears, dad’s beard, how soft puppy ears are, and that he can shout very loudly. I am trying not to rush him too much, but the kid is in the 95% percentile. So we have introduced foods. Rice cereal and bananas are as far as he has tastes so far. Bananas are too slimy (he is all about textures right now) and he screams and giggles in between bites of cereal. The poor thing gets frustrated when he cannot eat as much as he is used to as fast, or if I get distracted during a feeding.

We purchased a Baby Bullet and are making our own baby food. So far it has been easy and very cost effective. I made 13 servings of brown rice cereal out of 1/2 cup of brown rice. Pennies per serving. I know exactly what is in it. I even tasted it, not all that bad. Tomorrow I’ll be making more out of squash from a friend’s garden.

A few tips for feeding. I make sure he is not super hungry when we try “solids”. If he is too hungry there will only be frustration and tears. Also, I try to keep the foods relatively watery. It is a bit messy, but it keeps him from choking or getting a tummy ache.


The longest part of the process was cooking the rice. Freezing it is so convenient and makes it easy to make a bunch ahead of time.

My friends who are Paleo follow this plan for their son’s baby food. I will be taking a few tips from this for us. Chicken liver for example, a great source of protein and easily digestible.


Here are a few other homemade baby food ides that I can’t wait to try.



Remember, every baby is different. Every family is different. Do what is best for YOU. If your baby starts foods and isn’t ready, try again in a few weeks/ months. Your attitude is everything. Make sure it is fun for both of you 🙂


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