Gifts That Keep Giving – for the Child with Everything

More and more every year the materialism of the Holiday called Christmas bothers me deeper and deeper. I know that it is too dear to my family’s heart to cease celebrating so I’ve tried to make simpler, homemade, and unique gifts over the last few years.

This year was Little Man’s First Christmas. So of course all family members wanted to lavish him with gifts and special moments. As his parents we bought him nothing. Shock. Gasp. What? I know, we’re horrible parents and at 6 months the boy with everything he could possible want or need must have been scared for life.

In fact he has so much, his aunt and uncle gave him this for Christmas.

I am in love with its simple organization.

A gift that I thought was very unique, creative, and will keep on giving all year round is one that he received from my folks.

It was a few beach toys wrapped up with a State Park Pass. Now he can enjoy the beach, park, lakes, and outdoors all summer long. On sunny days daddy can take him outside for fun all summer long.

What a great gift!

I hope your Holidays were filled with love and laughter.


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