Stay at Home Dads (and Moms who Work outside the Home)

While our culture has become very accepting of women working and having careers, it still isn’t 100% supportive or conducive to working moms and stay at home dads.
They still get those looks, comments, and judgements.
It may just be my circle of friends, but I feel that SAHM and WAHM are becoming more popular lately. It is difficult some days seeing their posts on FB about being so bored and annoyed with their kids, while I am missing milestones in my son’s life or viewing them via picture message from my Hubby. It is even more frustrating when I get snarky comments about men not being capable or hearing women put husbands and fathers in general down.
I want to rage. I want to cry. I want to share with them my experience and educate them to a different, wonderful word.

I know several SAHD. Most of them are also full time students, or have a small job they can work from home or at night. ( that would make them WAHD) They are some of the most amazing, interesting, and strong men that I know.

When I first went back to work after 6 weeks of Maternity Leave, I was nervous about how it would all work. Would my husband be happy staying home? Would he have to support he needed? What would I say to people who had negative comments about our choice? I did a lot of research on SAHD and their growing world. Here are a few great articles I discovered.

The decision to have him be the stay at home parent was right for our family, it might not be right for everyone. Do what fits your family. I have heard a lot of comments about how one spouse resents the other for being the stay at home parent, those couple have much larger issues and need to deal with communication and priorities. Open and honest communication is one of the biggest factors in making our parenting situation work. Respect is another key factor. I still treat him with the respect he deserves. I treat him as the head of the house, no matter who brings in the bigger pay check each month. He still pays bills. I still thanks him after he takes me out to dinner.

Is it tough on the days when I don’t know what’s wrong with my screaming son and in 2 seconds my husband can make it all better? Yes! But it is worth it when I come home to witness moments like this ❤



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