Book Review – meQuilibrium



I am going to make more of a habit of reviewing (and actually reading) more books. My little reading corner and tea cup is all set for some relaxing time spent with another good book. Today I am reviewing “meQuilibrium : the Clinically Proven Plan to Banish your Burnout” by Jan Bruce, Andrew Shatte PH.D., Adam Perlman M.D. M.P.H.

If there is anyone who could use this book right now, it’s me. Burnout is my middle name. I have been struggling with it for as long as I can remember. The last year and a half I have begun the journey to a more peaceful, balanced me. Yet, it is still a work in progress. My personality type and past drive me to work too hard, do too much, and please everyone except myself. Beyond that I have seasons of manic that can lead to (and have lead to) really big, really painful burnout.

(And here I pause to pick my son and his book up to read. Having children can change your perspective on many things. I am slowly learning when to drop what seems important for what truly is)

The first thing I love about this book is that it is written by professionals. The psychology and science behind stress helps us better understand why it exists and how our body deals with it. In fact, in this book they tell us that stress is a good, natural reaction that your body was created to have. Chronic stress however is a negative thing; affecting our health, relationships, and mental state. MeQuilibrium doesn’t give you advice on how to reduce stressors in your life, instead it directs you on how to approach stress in a new way. Using stress and your body’s response to it as a tool. Stress was never meant to harm you, it was meant to equip you.

A lot of stress solutions treat only the symptoms, not the root cause. Exercise and meditation will only get you so far. They deal with the aftermath of stress. This book has an alternate approach to stress management. I won’t give away all of the secrets, but reading meQuilibrium helped me (a high person in a high stress job and often high stress life) learn a better way to approach stress and use it for me instead of against me. I would recommend this book to anyone who lives in this high paced, stressful world. In fact, I’m leading it to a friend who I think could really benefit from this knowledge.

** I received this book in exchange for my review through Blogging For Books**


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