Where to: Take Surveys, Review Products, Receive Samples.

Whether you are looking to make a full time “job” out of it or just spend a few hours a week, these are some great sites where you can take surveys and review products with a worthwhile return.

All of these sites I have either personally used or know someone who uses them often and loves them.



It is by far not a get rich quick scheme, but over a period of time you can earn some great rewards. How most of these sites work is they give you points or “dollars” for every survey completed. Once you reach a certain point you can cash in those points for online gift cards. It may take a few weeks before you earn enough to cash in if you are doing surveys everyday. 




Global Test Market

My Survey

These are a little different. You take surveys and then become eligible for products to sample and review.

Bzz Agent

Smilely 360

For Pinch Me you must log in between certain times each week to claim your samples, then review them.

Pinch Me

Swaggable you bid items you want to sample.


House Party you apply for which “parties” you would like to hold to sample out a product to your friends and neighbors.

House Party

Tomoson is for Bloggers. You receive products in exchange for your honest review. Items have different criteria such as a certain number of followers, etc.


Book Bub is FREE Kindle books. Often it is the first in a series to get you hooked 😉

Book Bub

Blogging for Books gives you copies of new and upcoming books in exchange for reviews.

Blogging For Books


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