Book Review – Positive Discipline

Our son is our pride and joy. We love him and want the best for him. So when I saw this book, I knew I had to read it. “Positive Discipline” by Jane Nelsen ED. D, Cheryl Erwin M.A., and Roslyn Ann Duffy is just what I needed in this stage of Little Man’s development. It is a great book that gently shows you what discipline truly is and to incorporate that into your everyday life with a young child.

“Whatever form your family takes, remember that it will be whatever you have the courage to make it.”

“Each and every action you take… Can nurture or discourage those qualities you want to promote.”

What we do in the name of love is not always what is going to make them into the person we want them to be 20 years from now. It’s when we show that love in ways that nurture accountability and capability. This book walks you through the early stages, questions, and fears of parenting. I love their approach, do what is best for your family. At the end of each chapter are questions to ponder and there are resources listed throughout the book. Discipline is not punishment, it is teaching and guidance. They explain the difference that positive discipline makes in the long run and how it is possible to successfully do. (Thank goodness). They provide solutions to common behavior problems. As we get into the discovery phase the things I’ve learned in this book will help us guide our son instead of getting frustrated. I am so glad I picked it up and cannot wait to share the information and book with other moms.



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** I received this book in exchange for my review through Blogging For Books**


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