Book Review – This is What You Just Put in Your Mouth

this is what you


“This is What You Just Put in Your Mouth” by Patrick Di Justo sounded like an amusing read. It was amusing… and funny… and gross… and informative. Very informative. I was reading along, laughing at some of the ingredients in everyday foods when I read, “Enfamil”. *gasp* I feed my son Enfamil to supplement his feedings while I’m at work. I’m happy to say that I still feed it to him after finding out the dirty about what is in it (it isn’t any worse than I already knew). At that moment the book became more than amusing, it became a tool. Whether you are looking for a laugh or to find out the dirty on what you feed your self and your family, this book is worth the read. Many people are beginning to pay better attention to food. GMO, gluten, organic, etc. Being properly informed on what you consume is a good thing. Although sometimes, it is nice to drink a cup of coffee without thinking of the gross things that could be lurking.

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** I received this book in exchange for my review through Blogging For Books**


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