Smart Cups Review – Reusable K-cups

You may have heard me mention before that I help with reviews for

the aprilanddukeblog

Today I am helping review Brewooze Smart Cups

and I love them SO much I wanted to share my review with you!


I loved using Brewooze Smart Cups. I have tried other reusable “K-Cups” and these work much better and clean even easier. The box came with 3 reusable cups, filters, and a charcoal water filter for the water reservoir. 20150325_080934Having 3 cups is perfect, one for me, one for my husband, and one for a guest. I love using my Keurig for coffee and tea, so the filters are perfect. Cleaning after was a snap. Just remove and toss the filter and rinse or throw in the dishwasher. 20150325_081302In the past, other reusable cups did not work very well for loose leaf tea (which is my preferred hot drink) these however, made the perfect cup! The Charcoal Water Filter that is included is great. We have city water, so it doesn’t always taste the best. 20150325_080814This insures our coffee or tea will taste great! Brewooze Smart Cups help me save money (up to 80% less expensive than using traditional K-Cups), be able to use my own favorite coffees and teas, and are environment friendly (8 Billion non bio-degradable cups end up in landfills each year). 20150325_081649Honestly it is the perfect choice if you own a single cup brewer.

They also make a great gift 😉


The perfect cuppa!



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