Curtains and Cupcakes

The weather here has finally begun to represent Spring. I was afraid Winter would last forever. I needed a little brightness in my life, so I decided to get material to make new kitchen curtains. I fell in love with this orange material. I honestly thought it was a little too bold at first, but I figured for $7, why not!?!




I am super happy at how they turned out. Our dog likes to look out that window so I left them short. I would rather have them look a little strange than have the dog destroy another set of curtains. Our walls are light blue, so it blends quite well with the rest of the room.

Now I felt the need to bake in my bright kitchen. These Reese’s peanut butter filled cupcakes were amazing. I used a chocolate marshmallow frosting. Everyone loved them. Using the silicone cupcake baking cups was so easy and cleaning up was a snap.




My final win of the day was this Thrift Shop score. I love shopping at our local Salvation Army on half price day. I bought all of these items (7) for just $10!!! The blazer still had the tags on it. I am excited to pull out my summer clothes soon and create my summer 33 capsule wardrobe.



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