Book Review – Performing Under Pressure by Hendrie Weisinger & J.P. Pawliw-Fry

I have recently received a promotion at work and I am in the midst of changing roles. It is as exhausting as it is rewarding. With the new duties comes a lot of pressure to perform well and complete many tasks in a small amount of time. My new goals are seemingly impossible some days it feels. Yet, I know that my focus can be honed to make the best of my situation and progress in my position.

I have been a little under the weather the last two days, I made some amazing mint honey tea (I love summertime and Farm Stands with fresh local products). Then my newest book came in the mail, “Performing Under Pressure – The Science of Doing Your Best When it Matters Most”. HOW PERFECT! Exactly what I need right now.


Weisinger and Pawliw-fry do a great job of breaking it down for you. Pressure and stress can be a good thing that you can use for your own benefit. The last few chapters they talk about how to use your COTE of Armor to deal with pressure and stress and preform well. Confidence, Optimism, Tenacity, and Enthusiasm.

“Talent is never enough”, it takes hard work and the right mindset. Embrace the pressure thrown at you, see the importance of the task at hand for what it is, and expect the unexpected.

I could not have picked up a better book for where I am at in my career right now. I would highly suggest it to anyone who has a high demand job and wants to become the most they can.


I also highly recommend to the Mint Honey Tea. It is one bunch of fresh mint leaves crush, 2 TBSP of honey, and 1 gallon of room temperature water. Mix. Chill. Enjoy!



**I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my review**


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