Best and Worst Places to Shop for WIC

If you’re a new mom, you have enough challenges as it is. Now you are walking through the grocery store, sore with leaky breasts, searching frantically for the approved items on your WIC check. With the folder in one hand and trying to sooth your screaming baby with the other, you accidentally pick up the wrong size bread. After an exhausting 30 min of shopping and 15 min of waiting in line to pay, a cashier with a scowl on their face tells you this is not an approved size bread and calls for a CSM. You want to crawl in a hole and die as the impatient man behind you sighs and your baby starts screaming again… sound familiar? I’ve been there, more than once. (we won’t talk about the 2 times I forgot my wallet with a cart full of groceries and a screaming child). My goal today is to help you avoid making the same mistakes I made and to have a peaceful shopping experience.


Stores I have not shopped at with WIC: Kroger, Aldi, Albertsons (if you have any tips for these stores I gladly welcome them)

Store: Wal-mart

Rating: 1- The lines are usually very long (screaming baby). The cashiers (in my experience) are not knowledgeable in the WIC Program, they almost always have to call a CSM over to approve the transaction (and with all those tired people behind you in line, this always feels awkward to me).

Store: Shaw’s

Rating: 3- Their system is set up to recognize WIC items and only scan approved products. Unfortunately some times it is not up to date and needs an override.

Store: Hannaford

Rating: 5! I love shopping here for WIC. They have awesome carts, (perk for my energetic 1 yr old) the staff is very friendly and helpful, their price tags have WIC printed on them if it is an approved item.  (saves the guessing)

Here is a few snapshots of my last grocery WIC trip to Hannaford.

On the price tags there is a “WIC” symbol if the product is a WIC approved item. This helps with guess work. Cereal is especially hard to me to figure out, this makes it so much easier.


Here we are in the canned veggies, fruit, and bean section. See that little WIC symbol?20150711_091510 20150711_092105

Again in the cheeses…

The only sections I did not see this symbol was breads (ugh careful to only get the 1lb bags) and eggs. (it may vary by store).

Here is Little Man enjoying the Race Car cart.


I hope this helps you as a parent to shop easier and stress free with WIC.

Let me know of any tips and tricks you have for shopping and don’t forget to check out my Post

“5 Things you Didn’t Know About EBT (SNAP) “


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