Book Review – “Thresholds” by Sherre Hirsch

I read a quote the other day that I felt was very appropriate to where I am at in my Career right now.

“We operate in one of three zones – our comfort zone, our panic zone, or our stretch zone. We tend to hang out in our comfort zone and try desperately to avoid our panic zone. But what about our stretch zone? It’s where we push ourselves to move beyond what’s comfortable for us, but not so far that we end up feeling panicky. It’s where we try new ideas and activities and test our boundaries. As we operate in the stretch zone, we actually begin to increase our comfort zone.”

11952021_10207238313057113_8494868586241541288_nLater after a conversation with my Husband about the 3 “zones”, I picked up Rabbi Sherre Hirsch’s book, “Thresholds”. In it she talks about the hallways of life, where we cross over thresholds into new “rooms”. Those transitional moments. Where we grow, change, and move across those “zones”. In order to thrive through life’s transitions, you must face your fears. Fear is such a motivating factor in life, that it cannot be ignored. Throughout the book Sherre talks about the journey of getting to that place of a thriving life, opening up your vision to see more possibility, and how we must always move forward.

The year I graduated, during the ceremony they had a huge door frame prop on the stage. After receiving their certificate, each graduate walked through the door, over the threshold, into their new adventure. That is the way we must learn to see thresholds. Not as scary changes, but as doorways to new and exciting things.

No matter where you are in life, you will come to thresholds. You will be subjected to changes. You will benefit from her wisdom within these pages.

**I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my review**


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