Book Review – Trim Healthy Mama Plan

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to be reviewing this book! “Trim Healthy Mama Plan” by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison is the easy-does-it approach to vibrant health and a slim waist line. Their motto, “Keep it simple, keep it sane”. Diets don’t work for me. Exercise plans and groups haven’t worked for me, but this Plan blows all that away and makes room for success!


My friend Sarah has read and tired their previous book, “Trim Healthy Mama” and loves it! She said, “I’ve already lost 5 lbs… It’s really not that hard once you get going [and] it’s easy to do on a budget.”

Sarah is no a mother, but the great thing about this Plan is that it is for Women of all ages and stages of life.

If you have read their previous book, you will notice this one is much more concise and not so bulky.


FOOD FREEDOM! They guarantee 0 pounds lost in the first month. Why? Because if you focus on food freedom instead of pounds, you will be so much more successful and less likely to loose your joy and become discouraged. It is also designed to be unique to YOU, that is why it WORKS! If you’re looking for a list of rules and lists, this isn’t for you. BUT, if you are like me and looking for real information on how to properly fuel your body for its specific needs to become healthier in a realistic way…read on!

First Chapter: Getting to Know You. They take the time to help you see where you are in the world of food and eating.

Second Chapter: The Basics. They break down “how this thing works”, and help you decide if you want to 1.) loose weight, or 2.) maintain your healthy weight, They explain the two primary fuel sources: Fat and Glucose, and how your body uses them.

Chapters 3-6: Explain how to build meals based on what your body needs. Satisfaction, energy, fuel pulls, etc.

Part Two of the book puts the plan into action and tackles snacking, drinks, sweets, fast food, and incorporating this into a family setting. It also dives into affordable superfoods, eating well on a budget.

Part Three is my favorite. Here is where they break it down for different “types” of mamas. I fall into a few of the categories (working, nursing, fast food Mama). It gives you a 7 day idea menu to get you jump started into the Plan as well as some great snack ideas. Recipe suggestions are from the new “Healthy Mama Cook Book” (which my MIL has!!!)


Part Four ends the book on a great note, talking about exercise, attitude, hormones,skin care and balance.

If you are ready for a Plan that fits you, is affordable on a budget, family friendly, and explains the science behind why it works… Trim Healthy Mama Plan is for you!

**I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my review**


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