I love the look of awesome nails, I don’t love paying $40 for a manicure. (honestly I am horrible at doing my own nails) My friend Jacky sells Jamberry Nails. I had the opportunity to Host a Jamberry Party, so I thought, “Why not?” and gave it a whirl. I am in LOVE!


Just for signing up as a Hostess, I received this amazing sample pack in the mail. 11227645_10206922047150663_8300555169075386803_n

I couldn’t wait a single moment, since Little Man was napping, I got right to work on my new manicure. It took me 30 min start to finish (I had to remove old chipped polish and put on a new coat and let dry). Application was pretty simple. I messed up a little on the first two nails, now I  know to press from bottom to top, and middle to sides. I also forgot to heat some of the wraps before applying.


I am super happy at how it turned out. I began with only a half sheet, as you can see in the picture below there are still some wraps left. So my entire manicure was about $5!

I am having an online party July 19th-26th. You can order here:

Or you can order from Jacky anytime at


Less for 24hrs later my dish washer called out and I ended up with my hands in soapy hot water for most of the day (on top of everything else I do at work). All day I kept thinking, “How are these going to hold up to everything I do with my hands?”. That led me to think about all the things these hands do!


These hands:

  • Manage a Restaurant
  • Wash Dishes
  • Playing in the dirt
  • Comfort a teething baby at 2 am
  • Serve a customer having a rough day
  • Hold my Husband’s hand
  • Take my dog for a walk
  • Scrub the house
  • Pry open things
  • Feed my family


Wow, I do a lot. These hands go through a lot. I feel good about treating myself and looking good. 20150718_183422


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