Love Unending – Rediscovering your Marriage in the Midst of Motherhood



This book was worth the wait. 21 days to rediscovering why you fell in love with the person you’re currently trying to balance the craziness of life, work, and children with.

Something they don’t often cover in marriage counseling or “what to expect” books, is how having a baby (or 2) will change you and your relationships. From hormones to body shape to adding another person to the family and more items to the “To Do” list, Children take a toll on our lives that we often do not prepare for or realize. In the midst of all that, friendships and relationships often get pushed to the wayside and deprioritized.

Becky takes 21 days of encouragement, challenges, thinking, remembering, and praying to bring us back to that place where our marriage is a priority. Love and intimacy is often replaced by duty and occasional sex, in Love Unending she challenges us to move beyond our selfish thinking and see through HIS eyes to rekindle romance and intimacy that you had when you first met, as well as deepen it as you grow together.

**I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review**




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