Book Review – Beauty Begins by Chris Shook & Megan Shook Alpha

beauty begins


This book digs into the thoughts, issues, and setbacks that every woman has. “Making peace with your reflection” is a challenge that few women seem to conquer in today’s society. How do we become and feel beautiful in a world that embraces “pretty”? How do we see the most accurate reflection of who we are when there are distorted “mirrors” all around us?  We live in a “Selfie” obsessed world, yet when the make up is washed off and the door is shut, most women do not even like the person they are. “Beauty Begins” helps the reader discover the answer to these questions and realize how to find their own true beauty that will not fade with age. Whether you are 15 or 45, I encourage every woman to read this book and find the balance between loving your self and being selfless.



**I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review**

Own It – The Power of Women at Work by: Sallie Krawcheck



It isn’t easy being a woman in the working world. The children’s needs, laundry, monthly cycle, cooking, and relationships don’t just STOP and WAIT as we run our businesses and pursue our dreams. It can feel like a balancing act, with never enough hours in the day.


Sallie Krawcheck shows women how to play to their strengths and use the way the business world is evolving to their advantage. Technology and being able to work from home is enabling more and more women to be able to perform jobs at a capacity that they may not have been able to before. Networking and emphasis on gaining gender equality are also things that our mothers and grandmothers didn’t have in the professional work environment, and we can now bank on. Today, more than ever, women are taking control of their finances and their future. That is a good thing! For themselves and their children.

There is one chapter, “The Flexibility Without Shame Conversation”, that hit home for me. I cannot tell you how many times I felt guilty that I had something else in my life to do besides work on a weekday (or weekend). In the last few months I have learned that I can be a mom, a boss, and a wife at my own pace. If I am 100% when I am in each role, then I can do all of them well. Blending and balancing every aspect and taking the day as it comes.




**I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review**

Packing in a Carry-on for a 5 day Trip


I leave for Nashville in ONE WEEK! I am far from ready, but at least my clothes are packed. I’d like to start off this post with a shout out to the man who bought me these amazing Steve Madden shoes 😍 they are a dream! So comfortable and sexy and versatile 👠 




I built my wardrobe for this trip off of this piece. A simple black blazer. It can go with just about anything. My formal dress, a pair of skinny jeans and my new shoes, a pair of dress pants and my flats…it’s going to be my “layer” for all those unpredictable temperature conference session rooms. 

Accessories: one belt, one pair of heals, one pair of flats, it’s Nashville…so brown boots 👢 and minimal jewelry. I usually wear the same 4 things everyday anyways. 

2 cardigans, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of slacks, 1 pair of dress pants.

I put my socks and underwear in the shoe box to save room. 

Layers. Layers. Layers.

A pair of comfy flats and my wallet where I can easily access them.

Traveling day outfit. Lularoe! 

My not even close to being packed personal item bag 😟

Shoes and pants

Roll the shirts. Layer the blazers and dress.

A whole week away from this kid. I’m gonna miss that face ❤❤❤


Update: The trip went GREAT! I had way too many clothes, I only wore about 2/3 of them. I also acquired a new pair of shoes while in Nashville.

Love Unending – Rediscovering your Marriage in the Midst of Motherhood



This book was worth the wait. 21 days to rediscovering why you fell in love with the person you’re currently trying to balance the craziness of life, work, and children with.

Something they don’t often cover in marriage counseling or “what to expect” books, is how having a baby (or 2) will change you and your relationships. From hormones to body shape to adding another person to the family and more items to the “To Do” list, Children take a toll on our lives that we often do not prepare for or realize. In the midst of all that, friendships and relationships often get pushed to the wayside and deprioritized.

Becky takes 21 days of encouragement, challenges, thinking, remembering, and praying to bring us back to that place where our marriage is a priority. Love and intimacy is often replaced by duty and occasional sex, in Love Unending she challenges us to move beyond our selfish thinking and see through HIS eyes to rekindle romance and intimacy that you had when you first met, as well as deepen it as you grow together.

**I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review**



Nothing to Prove – A Must Read




Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen, is a MUST read for any women who has ever felt they are “not enough”. With all of the responsibilities and stresses in life, it can be very easy to feel overwhelmed. When you have to make choices that make you wonder if your children, marriage, or career suffer; it can feel as if you are not enough for any of them. Being a women is hard. Our thinking often gets the better of us as we attempt to impress others and ourselves. Jennie digs into these feelings and helps us realize that we don’t need to prove anything to anyone (including ourselves) and that God IS enough, even when we are not. The cover may not look like much, but the pages opened up a world of peace and relief from the pressure that I was unconsciously putting on myself.



**I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review**

Coffee Table  Conversation Starter 

“The Illustrated Book of Sayings” by Ella Sanders is a must have coffee table book. This unique and beautiful book is a great icebreaker and conversation starter. 

Each page has creative illustrations and a well known saying with its origin and story. It will be sure to enlighten, entertain, and educate you and your friends.
You can read about the author here 

*I received this book in exchange for my honest review from Blogging for Books*

Being a Mom


I am currently sitting at the computer gagging on some whitening paste that didn’t rinse out of my mouth all the way and worrying about work, bills, and if I am a good enough mom. It’s tough. I’ll be the first to admit, I do not have this parenting thing down. I raise my voice too loud, I let him get away with things he shouldn’t and get upset with him for things I shouldn’t. I work too much. I worry too much. I zone out on my phone when I could be on the floor exploring the world of trains and cars from his perspective. Yet, at the end of the day he just wants to poke my face and snuggle up close. He loves me despite all my short comings and flaws. Why? Cause I’m his mom. He doesn’t need me to impress him or have my life together. He just needs me to sit still long enough to let him hug me and show me some unconditional love.