Book Review – Coloring Book: Tokyo Street Style



Zoe de las Cases did it again with another beautifully illustrated coloring book that captures the culture and fashion of the city. This time it is Tokyo! The bright flexible cover stayed in place with a band so you can enjoy on the go. There is also a ribbon to mark your place.


We live in a stressful world, take some time to relax, unwind, and color.



**I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review**


Closet turned Office

After 2 weeks of being laid up and not working or doing much of anything I had the urge to organize today (let’s hope I don’t regret it soon)

I ended up cleaning and organizing the Laundry Room (it is the size of a closet) that I had made into an Office a few months ago, but unfortunately it had become a collect all 😦 and there was nothing productive happening in there. (I don’t have a before picture, sadly)

I thought I would share with you what my home (apartment) looks like on a good day:22641842_10214082175429395_712139503_o

This is our living room, some sun still shines through the hand print plastered sliding doors. The futon next to the porch folds up to a couch and even has cup holders. The chair in the back corner has freshly cleaned toddler pee and marker stains under that blanket.22546698_10214082176429420_1293752484_o

The other side of the living room is my husband’s office and our wall mounted TV so that a certain someone doesn’t knock it over onto himself (that could be very dangerous and honestly if you have small children get a good wall mount so they don’t climb the TV stand and knock it over onto themselves)


I paid $0.99 for that clock and no it does not work, but I love how it looks! Our cables are all zipped up with cable keepers, another way to stop the tornado from dangerous stuff.


Kitchen! In the far back corner behind like 3 other things is a jar with all the sharp objects (he has gotten into them once, but not since) and everything valuable, dangerous, or breakable is in a top cupboard (because he can open all the child safety locks I put on all lower cupboards 😦


Note beautiful flowers from Hubby (and yes that is an elephant holding random tiny dishes while they dry)


Dining Room. Behind those bi-fold doors is what would normally be a laundry room (closet)22556022_10214082177069436_1011399477_o22556001_10214082175229390_1630685565_o

My favorite part is that I can close the doors and forget about whatever is in there when I need to, and when I am in there it is almost like being in another room, but I can still see and hear the kiddo. I also love that the locks I installed are up so high he cannot reach them even by standing on a chair so my stuff is safe… ish.

Inside I have my books, journal, board games, paperwork, work stuff, craft stuff, essential oils, electronics, our embarrassingly large for 2017 DVD collection… and there is a power outlet for my laptop and if I want to put a lamp or diffuser in there 😀

Down the hallway and in the rooms are some of my favorite wall art… all free or under a dollar at thrift stores.

22546890_10214082180909532_1845147742_o                22550942_10214082181829555_1841268346_o


Kiddo’s bathroom (vinyl letters on the wall that remove with no residue or marks) and the only way that I can make the house look like this and have time to sit down and blog… passed out while playing on the tablet.

Toys are locked away in the closet, he asks to go in and can pick out a few toys or buckets at a time (makes life less overwhelming for everyone) I swear he has more books than any other kid. All of these are for at least 5 years from now.

Master Bath has some sweet little wall storage places (since we don’t have a cupboard or shelves in there) The clear drawers are one of my favorite (Amazon)


That messy picture is a folding card table with all the stuff I am sorting out for donations and doing laundry (the never ending task). I really try to clear out clutter and things I don’t use or need at the start of every season. Project 333 is my minimalist go to (I am far from a minimalist, but her way of thinking and living help me stay humble and sane…ish)

The photos and art on our bedroom wall are so special to me. I even framed a letter my husband wrote me while we were dating. The Daisy is by Sarah Ann Photography

The shelf above my dresser has specific items representing each of us and then us as a whole.

Curtains… I know they don’t match (not much in my house does) but they are amazing! One is shear and lets the light in and the other is a black out curtain. Both are a MUST if you live in an apartment complex and your bedroom window faces the parking lot on the first floor.


Last but not least, Master Closet… where laundry goes to die. It is usually quite organized (or at least somewhat organized) this last week we had to get laundry done (at the laundry mat) and I could not lift or bend. So here are all the clean clothes until further notice 😉


I hope you enjoyed the humorous tour and were inspired by the Closet Office. Check out my previous post, Closet Nursery, and see how I turned our Laundry Room (Closet) into a nursery for kiddo when he was a newborn in our old apartment.


Have an amazing week!

Book Review – New York Street Style Coloring Book by Zoe de las Cases

This portable size coloring book is full of beautiful illustrations waiting for you to being the City to life! With over 30 pages of street views, fashion, and abstract art… this coloring book is sure to transport you to New York City itself as you relax and fill its pages. The book has a ribbon to mark where you left off and wraps the edges of the pages so you can take it on the go. If you enjoy this coloring adventure, be sure to check out Zoe’s other destinations.


**I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review**


Book Review – The Fifth Petal by Brunonia Barry

This novel is a wonderful blend of fiction and history. From the author of “A Discovery of Witches”,  Barry takes you on an adventure you’ll soon never forget. Whether you are looking to dig into the History of the Salem witches or just enjoy a story about some modern ones, this book will be sure to take you there. 22127259_10213943781729639_409132263_n


**I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review**

Book Review – He Calls You Beautiful by Dee Brestin

21624067_10213840262101713_1861997683_n (1)


Every woman longs to hear those words, “You are Beautiful”. In this book Dee takes us through the “Love Book” –  Song of Solomon – and shows us how our Savior wants to Romance us. It is great for personal or group study with though provoking questions at then end of each chapter to help you go deeper. Whether you are single, happily married or otherwise…this book will help you remember that His love is enough for you.


**I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review**

The End of Summer

It is September and Summer is coming to and end (although it will still be in the high 70’s and low 80’s for a while here in Texas) The last 3 months have brought more “adventure” than I ever thought I would want to handle in one Summer (and I used to do a lot in the summers when I was in college). May 1st I made the choice to better myself and the life I can give my son by getting sober. I am currently 124 days sober and half way through the 12 Step Program. May 12th on my way to work, I was in a very bad car accident that left my car totaled and my back injured in several places. Later that afternoon I received the call that my husband had lost his job because of poor choices the CEO of his company had made and they now had no way of paying their employees. We had to pull Little Man from Playcare and I began Physical Therapy for my injuries. In June the stress of dealing with a special needs toddler, running a Cafe, and being in constant pain (and having to go to doctors 30 min from my work 4 times a week after working 10 and 15 hour days) all while trying to work my recovery program and stay sober, was too much. I could not give 100% to work, 100% to my son, 100% to my physical recovery, and 100% to my sobriety anymore. Something was going to suffer, and I knew where I needed to put my priorities. I choose to give my Cafe to someone else so they could give it the time and attention it needed. I stepped down from being General Manager and moved to a Cafe closer to home to support a new GM in her transition. Also in June Little Man turned 3! In July we traveled to Maine to visit family and be a part of my Best Friend’s wedding. It was beautiful and the most relaxing retreat I have had in a while. Little Man was able to spend time with Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts, and extended family we hadn’t seen in over a year. He also saw a moose, bald eagle, and other amazing animals as we visited the Wildlife Park that I used to go to as a kid. August brought more challenges when we found out that we no longer had CHIP and Little Man lost his Speech Therapy and Insurance.

Currently I am learning what “One day at a time” truly means and surrendering every little thing as my anxiety overwhelms me. I never thought that at nearly 30 years old I would be putting my career on hold, in chronic pain, a special needs parent, and almost to my 6 month chip. Alas, I am. I am learning to:

Stop looking for the REASON something happened and begin realizing the REVELATION of who HE is in me.

That sometimes a MISTAKE and a MIRACLE are the same situation.

Sometimes the pressure is not from WHAT you are handling, but from HOW you are handling it.

I am far from perfect and this journey is far from perfect, but this week I decided to embrace the rain instead of trying to hide from it. ❤



Book Review – My Rad Life, a Journal



This journal has lots of space to write, draw, put inspirational quotes and get inspiration from amazing women who stood up and lived their lives despite any limits society put on them. It is the perfect gift that young woman in your life who is going to be a World Changer. Be Inspired!




**I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review**