Being a Mom


I am currently sitting at the computer gagging on some whitening paste that didn’t rinse out of my mouth all the way and worrying about work, bills, and if I am a good enough mom. It’s tough. I’ll be the first to admit, I do not have this parenting thing down. I raise my voice too loud, I let him get away with things he shouldn’t and get upset with him for things I shouldn’t. I work too much. I worry too much. I zone out on my phone when I could be on the floor exploring the world of trains and cars from his perspective. Yet, at the end of the day he just wants to poke my face and snuggle up close. He loves me despite all my short comings and flaws. Why? Cause I’m his mom. He doesn’t need me to impress him or have my life together. He just needs me to sit still long enough to let him hug me and show me some unconditional love.


Book Review – Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood (devotional)


I am sure I can relate to a lot of mothers when I say it is often difficult to get motivated or have a guided study in the Word, but among everything we need it the most. Melissa B. Kruger comes from an honest and humble place. She is human, like the rest of us. Writing this devotional came from a desire to help a fellow new mom keep on track Spiritually during the first few months on Motherhood.

There are 11 weeks, each with a theme, from “Understanding Your Purpose” to “Recovering from Perfect Mom Syndrome”. Each week has 5 days that have a though, scripture, and questions to help you dig deeper. The fifth day is always “Walking Motherhood Together” ending the week with specific things to pray and think on.

In the back of the book are scriptures to memorize, one each month of the year; twelve topics to discuss with children; and a  Study Guide if you wanted to do this Devotional with friends.

This is a book every mother can get something out of and use as a tool for deeper Spiritual growth. Whether you are a first time mom or have 3 teenagers, this book is for you.

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**I received this book from Blogging for Books for my Review**

Kids Learning Technology

My son is very smart for his age (ok well what parent wouldn’t say that) I love to see him discover and learn new things. We think that he might be musical, he loves music and drum beats. I can not wait to begin him in music lessons. As a parent there are so many things we want our kids to learn, experience, and have the opportunity for. That’s why when I heard about Kid Starter, I was ecstatic! Can you imagine your child going to school and having access to these technological tools and mentors? There would be no limit on what they could accomplish. Check out Kid Starter  and support or learn more about this movement for our future!


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Book Review – Positive Discipline

Our son is our pride and joy. We love him and want the best for him. So when I saw this book, I knew I had to read it. “Positive Discipline” by Jane Nelsen ED. D, Cheryl Erwin M.A., and Roslyn Ann Duffy is just what I needed in this stage of Little Man’s development. It is a great book that gently shows you what discipline truly is and to incorporate that into your everyday life with a young child.

“Whatever form your family takes, remember that it will be whatever you have the courage to make it.”

“Each and every action you take… Can nurture or discourage those qualities you want to promote.”

What we do in the name of love is not always what is going to make them into the person we want them to be 20 years from now. It’s when we show that love in ways that nurture accountability and capability. This book walks you through the early stages, questions, and fears of parenting. I love their approach, do what is best for your family. At the end of each chapter are questions to ponder and there are resources listed throughout the book. Discipline is not punishment, it is teaching and guidance. They explain the difference that positive discipline makes in the long run and how it is possible to successfully do. (Thank goodness). They provide solutions to common behavior problems. As we get into the discovery phase the things I’ve learned in this book will help us guide our son instead of getting frustrated. I am so glad I picked it up and cannot wait to share the information and book with other moms.



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** I received this book in exchange for my review through Blogging For Books**

What I’ve Got


Don’t be alarmed, its still the same blog. I decided to update the look this week. Now that we have internet and a desktop at our house, I will no longer be solely posting from my smart phone. This means more posts and better updates. YAH! wpid-facebook_335706702.jpg


Here is a little thought that I had earlier in the week that I wanted to share. I think it is relatable to most women in this culture:


I was sitting there behind two happy couples. One who had just had a bubbly little girl, another who had just brought a child into the world. I was growing as bitter as the coffee I didn’t have time to drink that morning. A pain stung my heart greater than the sharp cramps in my abdomen. The emptiness of my womb consumed me.
Later that day when my head had cleared,  I started to realize something. There are people my age or older who aren’t even married yet. Who have never traveled the country. Who have never even been out of the country. They have never had a career, never experienced the supernatural, never mentored anyone. There are those who have never done some of the amazing things that I have, that have added richly to who I am as a person. I have not brought children into this world, but I have done so many things that others have not. Things that have built and shaped my charted and my life experience.

Are those things better than bearing children?

Is raising children a higher calling?


Perhaps in some minds one is above the other. But in all reality who are we to compare two lives. Two experiences. Two completely different paths and say one is greater than the other.
So I will embrace what life HAS given me. I will love it with my whole heart. I will live in what I have to live in, and for.  And I will receive what joys it has for me.