Date Night Ideas

I got my hair cut today and it feels AMAZING! I keep saying I want to grow it back out long… but I really LOVE it short. The woman was incredible patient as kiddo sat in the cart (I went to the Salon inside Wal-Mart) and played the same game over and over (annoying sound effects and all). In case you didn’t recolonize it, that’s my $1 Thrifted Sweater (so cozy with the 59 degree weather today)


I wish it were Date Night because I feel amazing, but unfortunately he has to work tonight. I was thinking of taking kiddo to see the Tree Lighting and Parade tonight, but I am going to NOT put us through that. Downtown Ft Worth is EXTREMELY crowded and I know he would be overwhelmed and I could not keep tabs on him by myself. I am going to check a more local listing and see if there is a smaller tree lighting happening later this month.

Back in October we had a really FUN date night. One of the best I’ve had in a while. I decided to plan everything out 2 weeks in advance. Sitter, times, where we would eat, where we would go, what we would do, etc. I “schedule texted” the addresses to Hubby in a specific order giving us enough time at each place without feeling rushed and without getting board. It was PERFECT. The worst part about Date Night is deciding what to do. This took that conflict away and we had a blast. First stop was a Hole-in-the-Wall restaurant we would have never tried without prompting (it was delicious) Second stop was a Book Store (we bought a game to play) Last stop was a Coffee Shop (I had a list of questions to ask each other and a 30 second timer off of YouTube). If you struggle with making decisions in the moment or procrastinating planning Date Night, I have one more idea for you…23768737_10214358109527575_137599240_o


I received this game from Blogging for Books. It is a fun, role playing game to get things interesting on Date Night. If you are bad at choosing where to go or just want to spice things up, give this game a whirl. Don’t worry, not all the options are something you could get kicked out of a restaurant for 😉 23798324_10214358108967561_1505257840_o

Pick a “where” “what” and “who” card in put it in the envelope then give it to your partner with a Date and Time card that you fill out.23768733_10214358108807557_1033702039_o

I hope you have a great weekend!

Leave me a comment about how you make Date Night amazing!


Father’s Day Gift Basket – Under $10

Father’s Day is almost here, and since there is no way I can top last year’s gift (our son was born on Father’s Day last year) I decided to go super creative and hope that it is good enough 😉


The book was one I reviewed recently, “How to Tie a Tie”. I hope he is as excited as I am about it!11390345_10206585712262501_3977384607533210576_n

The shaving balm and shaving cream I snagged at the Dollar Tree (they look classy to me). I had wanted to buy him a straight razor (something he has wanted for years) but instead I am going to let him pick out his own razor and strap.


There is also a Super Hero eye glass cleaner in there (to wipe tiny finger prints off his glasses).

Little Man made the card (with help from mommy and the crayons Aunt Sarah bought him)


Last but not least, I bought some of his favorite candy and wrote him a note ❤

There you have it!! Under $10!

What did you do this Father’s Day?

Gifts That Keep Giving – for the Child with Everything

More and more every year the materialism of the Holiday called Christmas bothers me deeper and deeper. I know that it is too dear to my family’s heart to cease celebrating so I’ve tried to make simpler, homemade, and unique gifts over the last few years.

This year was Little Man’s First Christmas. So of course all family members wanted to lavish him with gifts and special moments. As his parents we bought him nothing. Shock. Gasp. What? I know, we’re horrible parents and at 6 months the boy with everything he could possible want or need must have been scared for life.

In fact he has so much, his aunt and uncle gave him this for Christmas.

I am in love with its simple organization.

A gift that I thought was very unique, creative, and will keep on giving all year round is one that he received from my folks.

It was a few beach toys wrapped up with a State Park Pass. Now he can enjoy the beach, park, lakes, and outdoors all summer long. On sunny days daddy can take him outside for fun all summer long.

What a great gift!

I hope your Holidays were filled with love and laughter.

Sour Patch Shooters

My best friend is coming into town and we’re having a Ladies Night. I’m so excited to see her and spend time with new and old friends. I’m even more excited because I love to entertain, and rarely get the chance. I did a lot of Pinteresting trying to find unique recipes for that night. While I did find a few, I got more inspiration more than anything.


I liked the look and idea of little, bright, summery drinks. While I do enjoy alcohol, half of my friends are either pregnant or choose not to drink. I played around with some items in my cupboards and came up with these cute, non-alcoholic, shooters. (The glasses make them even better)


The sugar rims don’t look as good here, but even if they come out a little clumpy, they’ll still taste delicious.

I used regular sugar. You can dip the tops of the shooters in sugar water and then sugar, or just dab a little sugar onto a slightly damp rim. It all depends on how sweet you want it. (Chunky sugar makes the sour ones more like a Sour Patch gummy taste)


I alternated drinks with glass colors. It looked really summery and cute. Flavors are left to right: sour cherry, sweet sunrise, sour lime, sour grape.


Ingredients were quite simple. Orange juice, sweet and sour mixer, grenadine, sugar, water, koolaid.
I bet a few other flavors of koolaid would work great with this. The tricky part about the koolaid was color and strength. I mixed a concentrated amount of koolaid powder with water and a little of the sweet and sour mix ahead of time to get the right consistency.


The rest were real simple. A little grenadine and oj. (I love the pomegranate, cherry grenadine) Sweet and sour mix with a splash of grenadine. Straight mixer.
**(If you do enjoy alcohol in your drinks, I’m sure flavored vodka would go great here)


I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. Get out there and get together with your girls before the summer is over!