Homemade Chicken Soup for the Married Soul

No, I’m not referring to that book your Mother-in-Law keeps in the bathroom magazine rack and you always end up teary eyed over some sappy story.

         I’m talking abwpid-20130925_175211.jpgowpid-20130926_174106.jpgut actual chicken soup… and nurturing the married soul.

Last night my husband the chef made an amazing roast chicken. Easily the BEST chicken I have ever tasted. Among other spices, he used honey butter and sriracha sauce. On the left you see the roast half devoured, and the right is the broth that I made today by boiling the juices and bones. This will most definitely be the best chicken soup that I have ever made.

As I was multitasking and working hard to make sure our bodies were nourished today, I started to think about our marriage. It too needs a little homemade chicken soup. Not that it is sick, but that it is in need of deep saturating nurturing,

as ALL marriages are.

Below are a few things that I wanted to share with you to get you in the mood to nurture and grow your marriage.

Try this CHALLENGE that I heard at a recent Marriage Conference we attended. 14 Days of Praise. Publicly and privately praise your spouse. Tell them what you love about them. Be specific. If it is appropriate to say in front of other, DO IT. Write it on their Facebook wall. Say it in front of your friends. If it is more personal, write it on a note to stick in their lunch. Surprise them with coffee at work and write it on the cup. Be creative. After 14 days you will have a better appreciation and awareness of your spouse and they will feel loved and understand even more how to love you.


Read this article about how this man feels about love and what it REALLY is:

“I Didn’t Love My Wife When We Got Married”


DATE NIGHT – When is the last time you had Date Night? When is the last time you WENT SOMEWHERE for Date Night? It may seem silly or just another thing to check of your “To Do” list, but it isn’t.

Drawn up by the United States National Marriage Project, which operates out of the University of Virginia, the findings of the report on the impact of regular dating on married couples are profound. Couples, it says, who even find one day a week to go out together have much less chance of winding up in the divorce courts than those who don’t – only 15 percent compared to 25 percent. And couples who have regular date nights score much higher in terms of a range of critical measures, including communication with each other, romantic love and commitment to the relationship. They also tend to carry significantly lower levels of stress. – See more at: http://www.mercatornet.com/articles/view/married_couples_need_to_date_too#sthash.ny5kzTyA.dpuf

Even if you do not have children and are able to spend time together on a regular basis, you STILL need time devoted to enhancing romance and feeding your relationship.  Remember to make it SPECIAL. Look your best. Do something exciting. Put away your PHONES. Even if it ends up being a night at home (which happens a lot for us since our budget doesn’t allow for out on the town every week) make it different than any other night. Focus on your spouse and be open. PS. Red is a color trigger for men. Wear something red even if you can’t dress up.

And lastly on this Friday night I leave you with this list: