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Sunshine & Strawberry Lemonade – P333 Summer 2015

The other night at 10 PM my neighbor was in the yard digging a fire pit for this summer. It is May and with hopes of warmer weather, I made a strawberry lemonade for Mommy 😉



If you have never heard of Project 333, please go check it out. It is amazing!!!

This summer is very different for me. I no longer am pregnant (ya for normal clothes) and I have updated my style significantly over the last year. I also have been taking a break from P333, so it is nice to jump back in.

I do not include PJ’s, Workout clothes, accessories, undershirts, or shoes. I also do not include my work clothes since I do not wear them outside of work ever. It is my spin on a minimalist closet and it is what works for me. The biggest benefit I find is that I feel like I went shopping every time to switch out clothes. I get that excitement and do not become bored with my wardrobe. It is also helpful to not have to look through a bunch of clothes that are out of season or no longer fit.

Ok here we go!

Pictured is 20 pieces that I chose for Spring/Summer. I also have my 3 pairs of jeans (year round) and a few pieces that were in the laundry that I might keep out for a few more weeks until it gets warmer.


I love the blue dress. Still brand new from the end of last summer. I also went thrift shopping and several of the shirts and shorts are “new”. I think I spent a total of $25.

Below is our closet. On the Left is my side, on the right is Hubby and Little Man’s things.

1545596_10206392204424926_4136728544253236212_n 11101823_10206392204944939_6903926133539314509_n

I picked up these colorful bins at the Dollar Tree the other day. They are perfect for Little Man’s clothes. I labeled them with a chalk marker (it will wipe off when I’m ready to use them for something else).



Fall P333 – Taking a Break

After having my son and finally being able to fit back into my clothes again, I was so excited to make my next set of 33. As I was sorting through for my fall clothes, I was a little overwhelmed by the 3+ boxes of clothes that I owned beyond my summer only clothes. As I looked through shirts I hadn’t worn in years and pants that may never fit these hips again, I decided it was time to purge. I put anything that a 30 yr old mom and women pursuing her career would never be caught dead in, to the side. (I’m not thirty yet, but I’m trying to get into classic styles and away from college trends). Then I tried on all pants and got rid of any that didn’t fit. Ouch! I could have set them to the side, but I don’t want to set unrealistic goals. I have larger hips now. I just birthed a child. It is ok that I will never fit into those skinny jeans from junior year again. After the purge was complete, I put all of my shorts and strictly summer shirts (only a few that I don’t want to over wear) into a box. The rest of my clothes went into the closet. Either hung up, in my three drawer dresser, or folded on the top shelf.

I honestly do not know how many pieces that is, but it is everything I own. It isn’t too overwhelming and I have a lot to choose from. I am spending the next 3 months seeing what exactly I do and do not wear in my closet. What pieces need to go away forever, and which ones do I need to find more of to make my wardrobe work. So far it has been freeing and new. I am excited to down size even more in the near future and to get more everyday pieces. There is a good used clothing boutique that just moved in next door that I plan on taking advantage of after my next purge 😀




Project 333 – Winter Wardrobe (maternity)



I know that is hasn’t been a FULL 3 months since my last 33 (click here for more information on what the “33” means), but Texas isn’t typical when it comes to weather. As of last week the temperature dropped drastically and that isn’t the only thing that has recently changed. My clothes aren’t fitting the way they used to. I guess being 9 weeks pregnant will do that to you. Yup. You heard right. We’re pregnant!!!

So with all that said, you can see it was time to update the wardrobe for season and for body. Before I get into the Winter 33, I’d like to show you some of my favorite outfits from the Fall 33. That last one includes the latest pictures of our little peanut.


I found that I didn’t even wear all 33 pieces from the fall switch. WOW. It is so crazy to see the change this “project” has caused. I am more satisfied with my “less”. It has spread to all areas of my life. I went to a store yesterday that used to be my favorite place to shop. I hadn’t been in a LONG time. My excitement soon turned to boredom as I walked down isles and isles of “stuff” that I didn’t need. Don’t get me wrong. I still love to shop, I just see things differently. I think about if I need them, or want them. Will they last?Will they enhance my life? Are they worth the price tag? Will the clutter up my house? Will I still want it next week? I am excited about this change in my outlook. (I’ve even applied it to when I go Thrift Shopping for my next craft project idea. It makes it THAT much better in the end)

So enough about the Fall 33. That is behind us now. On to the Winter 33!


This time around was MUCH faster. I took me just shy of an hour. I quickly knew what items I was ready to get out of sight, and without having to try too much on, I was able to pick out what items I wanted to keep for this 33. Because of my ever growing belly I pulled out the loser jeans and a few dressed that were (Texas) winter appropriate. I also choose to put any item that would still fit me in 3 months back into storage. That way I didn’t wear those items out too soon and be stuck with nothing at 7 months pregnant. I can still fit into most shirts right now, as mine as well get some use out of them.


If you count, you will see there are not 33 items of clothing this time. There are only 30. I left 3 hangers empty because I have been Thrift Shopping and doing shirt projects lately. I know that within the next month or so I will either make or buy at least 2 or 3 items of clothing.

I didn’t include a picture of shoes this time. I need to purchase some new ones. Both pairs of flats got ruined. (doggy chewed the strap off one and the other ones got scuffed up and started to peel) My sneakers are also on their way out. I can’t even go for a walk in them comfortably. So I really only have the black boots right now. That IS something I look forward to investing in. A few pairs of GOOD shoes.

Jewelry is down to a few basics. The two necklaces I wore the most the last few months are the ones I kept out. They are both versatile and can be worn several different ways. I have my earring box out, but mostly have been wearing these new globes. They are simple enough and go with everything, but have a subtle classy look to them.


There you have it!

Winter 2013 Wardrobe

My 33!

What changes are you making? Are you trying to be more with less? Are you downsizing your closet or trying to make outfits more easily?

Let me know about it!



**Find out more about Project 333 and the woman who originally created it. (I’m just someone practicing it in my own way) at theproject333.com

Project 333 Progress

Ok, so last time I talked to you about Project 333 I was down to 37 items. This did not include jewerly, shoes, belts, scarves, or purses. Since April I have found some of the items I never thought I wore, I actually do. While some of the items I was sure I’d need, haven’t moved from the hanger. It is an interesting learning process. I am definitely growing from this project in many new ways. It is almost silly to think we depend so much on clothing, fashion, and accessories to feel “comfortable” or “unique”.


I received an awesome comment on my last post from someone who is also trying to downsize their wardrobe. They’re using their oen method called The Closet Countdown. I am so excited to hear about other people’s experiences and adventures with minimalism. We all may have our own method of getting there, but we have a common goal. Its invigorating.


This comment actually inspired and reminded me to write a follow up to my attempt at Project 333. (Again please visit their website, its amazing. http://www.theproject333.com) This month I am minimalising my jewerly.



Why is jewelry so hard for me to cut down on? I have ALWAYS had way more jewelry than I could ever wear. I used to think I needed a different pair of earrings with each outfit.

Last year I went 11 months with only a handful of earrings and 2 necklaces. It was more than enough. Yet when I received all of my old jewelry in the mail, I couldn’t help but keep it all. Out on display. Wearing something new everyday.


First I took all of my jewelry and put it in one place. I separated it into piles. Items I wear on a regular basis. Items I never wear. Items that have sentimental meaning, but I rarely wear them. Items I might wear during a different season.


This made it a little easier to see, I did not really need it all.


I did not want to get rid of anything just yet. Styles change. Taste changes. Outfits change. There is no sense having to buy more jewelry in 6 months, so I seperated and packed away the items I felt that I do not wear on a regular basis.


I began with a plethora of jewelry that I never wore most of, and this is what I ended up with.


11 pairs of earrings (yes, that is less than half of what I started with. Its my crutch)


2 necklaces (the diamond cross is both sentimental and versatile. Simple, yet its white gold and diamonds which can also be classy)


5 bracelets (I have recently been wearing bracelets more and more. They were never my thing for years)


I also kept one ring (besides my wedding set) that I don’t wear always, but on special occasion.


Everything looks much neater. There are no more “dust collectors” sitting around. I honestly am happy with the result.


Soon it will be fall (not too soon, but its approaching) and time to rotate again. Cross my fingers I will be able to use what I’ve learning this time around and make good choices for the fall, narrowing it down closer to 33.


In the end I’m just glad that I am seeing how much importance I put on little things that do not actually define who I am. Stuff is wonderful. Its necessary. It is rewarding. But it cannot be what consumes us or defines us. It is perishable. It is not character of the soul. That. That is what is truly important.