Being a Mom


I am currently sitting at the computer gagging on some whitening paste that didn’t rinse out of my mouth all the way and worrying about work, bills, and if I am a good enough mom. It’s tough. I’ll be the first to admit, I do not have this parenting thing down. I raise my voice too loud, I let him get away with things he shouldn’t and get upset with him for things I shouldn’t. I work too much. I worry too much. I zone out on my phone when I could be on the floor exploring the world of trains and cars from his perspective. Yet, at the end of the day he just wants to poke my face and snuggle up close. He loves me despite all my short comings and flaws. Why? Cause I’m his mom. He doesn’t need me to impress him or have my life together. He just needs me to sit still long enough to let him hug me and show me some unconditional love.

Sunshine & Strawberry Lemonade – P333 Summer 2015

The other night at 10 PM my neighbor was in the yard digging a fire pit for this summer. It is May and with hopes of warmer weather, I made a strawberry lemonade for Mommy 😉



If you have never heard of Project 333, please go check it out. It is amazing!!!

This summer is very different for me. I no longer am pregnant (ya for normal clothes) and I have updated my style significantly over the last year. I also have been taking a break from P333, so it is nice to jump back in.

I do not include PJ’s, Workout clothes, accessories, undershirts, or shoes. I also do not include my work clothes since I do not wear them outside of work ever. It is my spin on a minimalist closet and it is what works for me. The biggest benefit I find is that I feel like I went shopping every time to switch out clothes. I get that excitement and do not become bored with my wardrobe. It is also helpful to not have to look through a bunch of clothes that are out of season or no longer fit.

Ok here we go!

Pictured is 20 pieces that I chose for Spring/Summer. I also have my 3 pairs of jeans (year round) and a few pieces that were in the laundry that I might keep out for a few more weeks until it gets warmer.


I love the blue dress. Still brand new from the end of last summer. I also went thrift shopping and several of the shirts and shorts are “new”. I think I spent a total of $25.

Below is our closet. On the Left is my side, on the right is Hubby and Little Man’s things.

1545596_10206392204424926_4136728544253236212_n 11101823_10206392204944939_6903926133539314509_n

I picked up these colorful bins at the Dollar Tree the other day. They are perfect for Little Man’s clothes. I labeled them with a chalk marker (it will wipe off when I’m ready to use them for something else).


Get Ready for Summer

I am trying desperately to get out of this winter funk. Being in Maine has been a lot harder on me than I thought. Where is the SUNSHINE!?!?! It does not help that it snowed today…again…in April. 😦

To get myself out of this fun and to help me get active for Summer I did a few things this week.


First, I bought some new workout clothes! (at my favorite secondhand shop of course)

Second, we pulled out the stroller and went for a walk. (all bundled up in fleece)

Lastly, I downloaded this amazing Workout App for Women. (it gets you motivated and organized)


I hope it is warmer where you are!!!

Making the Most of Naptime


Every child is different, but almost every parent has the same dilemma. Not enough time in the day to accomplish all of the things you would like to. Especially if you have a small, colic, or teething child. It is rough. You end up finally falling into bed at night, staring at the ceiling, thinking of all the things you wish you could do.

Today I have a few tips of how to get things accomplished during your child’s nap time (and throughout the day). Not every child will have the same nap routine, but you should be able to easily mold this to fit your day. I am going to go off of a day where the child has two 40 minute naps. (my son does not nap this way yet, it is still 3-4 naps of anywhere from 20 min to 2 hrs).

Wake up :

Try not to go back to sleep, adjust your schedule if you can to stay awake and maybe accomplish something before the kids awake. If your children sleep in (mine does not) get dressed (put on work out clothes to motivate you), have a cup of hot lemon water, and throw in a load of laundry. If you still have a quite moment left, read something inspirational to start your day.

First Nap:

10 min – You are already in your workout clothes, so hurry to the living room and do one of these 10 minute work outs. Ten minutes!! That is it!

15 min – Shower. Quite and without interruption…ahhhh. Get dressed in something other than sweats or workout gear, even if you are just staying in today. How you dress will motivate you.

15 min – Do a quick clean through the house. Wipe off counters, load the dishwasher, run a vacuum or swiffer over the floors, (you already picked up and started laundry when you woke up, switch it to the dryer), throw toys into their bins, etc

Second Nap:

15 min – Make any phone calls, appointments, pay bills, balance checkbook, etc. Use this quiet to organize your life.

25 min – Quiet time for you. Take a nap, read a book, catch up on your favorite TV show, paint your nails, take a bath. Try to stay away from just mindlessly browsing FB or Pinterest. This won’t actually relax you, but will leave your eyes tired and you groggy.

Before Bed:

Put away laundry and dishes. Have your spouse or older children help you. It is a great way to catch up on the day. Avoid electronic 30 min before bed. The screen of a TV, phone, or computer will strain your eyes, make it harder to fall asleep, and make you feel lest rested.

The dishes, laundry, bills, and dinner have to get done, but remember… the most important things are reading to your kids, kissing foreheads, tending to boo boos, playing dress up, and being there for them. 🙂