Living a Life of Intention

I walked into 2018 with the word “Intentional” on my mind. I wanted to begin living more intentionally, doing things more intentionally. Make things happen!

How often have you told that friend, “We should get together”, but never do? How many times have you told yourself you were going to eat better and go to the gym, but never made it past day 2? When is the last time you took half a day and dedicated it to self care and unplugged?

I know. That was my reaction, too.

I know I cannot change my world in one day, but I also know that small changes lead to bigger ones and the good changes do not happen by accident. Those type of changes take intention and hard work.

I began by putting things on the calendar that I wanted to MAKE happen.

  • Date Night
  • Me Time
  • Ladies Night
  • Journaling, Blogging, Writing Time
  • Lunch or Dinner Dates with Friends
  • Family Days

Guess what? 95% of those things HAPPENED! (I was sick one of the times)

It feels so good!

So far I have:

  • Opened a new bank account
  • Had lunch dates
  • Went on multiple dates with my spouse *gasp*
  • Had quiet time to myself to recharge and pour into my hobbies
  • Created an account with Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Took a beginners Fencing Class
  • Went to the gym and on some good walks
  • Stuck to my eating plan (for the most part)
  • Made an Eye Doctor Appointment
  • Had a Game Night with friends


I have been on an emotional roller-coaster these past few weeks, but it feels amazing to DO the things I’ve WISHED for so long to have to the time to do.




Something else that I have started is “Journal Prompt Thursday” over on my Instagram




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~Happy 2018~


Project 333 – A Fresh New Year

After my day of shopping I decided to start the New Year with a fresh 33.

I cranked up the playlist that Courtney put on the Project 333 Facebook and dragged my boxes to the living room where the sunshine and fresh air were and got to work.

I find that every time it gets easier and quicker to pick my 33. Maybe it is because I’m learning what pieces I have and how they go together, and maybe a little because I only fit into half my clothes now.

I am pretty happy with what I have to work with this season. My best friend bought me maternity jeans for Christmas, I must say they are the best thing I never would have spent money on. They are so worth it. I want to live in them, and they are much more flattering than jeans that cut into my belly.


It is funny, this time when I was putting everything else back into boxes I thought to myself, “Why do I have so many clothes, do I actually wear all of these?” The more that I minimize the “stuff” in my life, the more I see clutter for what it is. On the other hand, it is almost like having a mini shopping spree for free when I open the boxes. It is refreshing without breaking the bank or adding more to pile of junk.

I did get rid of 3 items to the “give away” pile. I bought 8 the other day, so it doesn’t completely even out… But this is still a process.

New Year is a time when people think about goals and fresh starts. What are some ways you are going to simplify your life and “stuff” this year?

Have a Happy New Year and enjoy your 33!

For more information on Project 333 and the woman who created it go to