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P333 Fall 2015 – Working Mom

As a working mom of a toddler living in a one bedroom city apartment, I don’t have room for clutter or time to try on 10 outfits before I rush out the door in the morning. That is one of the many reasons I am grateful for discovering Courtney Carver’s Project 333. (more information at her website) Minimalist living gets rid of STUFF and makes room and time for family in my life. (don’t get me wrong, I still love stuff. I am just learning what stuff is worth having and what takes away from the things that matter in my life)


Today I am sorting through my closet and getting together my Fall 33 (It is more than 33, I use Courtney’s P333 as a guideline). I love Thrift Shops and Secondhand Stores. I have added 8 new items to my wardrobe this season for under $30. One of my favorites is this scarf I snagged for $4. It can change an outfit in a second and it is very versatile because of its colors. Copy of 12017641_525769387590740_4659812728136200054_o

I love accessories in a minimalist wardrobe. Today I was wearing some active wear around the house, when I decided to run to the library for Story Time. A scarf and some classic earrings… I was good to go (without looking too much like the mom that didn’t want to get off the couch). I’m not strict about how many accessories I have, but I do try to keep it at a reasonable level. If I haven’t worn something in the last 6-9 months…it has got to go! My worst clutter is jewelry. I wear the same 3 pairs of earrings…but I have sooo many. I’ll get there eventually. We all have room to grow. 🙂


As usual I begin by putting all of my clothes in one spot and start sorting. One pile for this season, one pile for storage (and under the bed storage bag), and one pile to be donated. Then I hang up all the clothes I want for this season and separate by type. Work, short sleeve, long sleeve, sweaters, pants, dress. Then I see if I have way too many of one type (do I really need 12 work shirts when there are only 5 work days in a week?) In the end I always feel better and more organized. It was so nice to see some of my favorite fall clothing and add it to the new items.

12075056_10207466460200649_7847017251557209727_n 12079724_10207466460440655_1512286976035876530_n 12063498_10207466461040670_8402469325386552001_n

A rule I stick to in every season, in with the new means old must go too! For every new deal I find while Thrift Shopping, I get rid of something that is torn, I never wear, doesn’t fit well, etc. Last month I gave over 3 trash bags of women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing to a local outreach.


Another great way to change up your look is by doing your nails! I love Jamberry. They are durable, cute, and chemical free. A manicure takes about 15 min to apply, costs about $5, and lasts up to 2 weeks. Check them out! Jamberry.com (if you like what you see, don’t forget to tell them I sent you 🙂


Book Review – How to Get Dressed by Alison Freer

If you have read my latest post you will see that I have tried to step up my wardrobe a little bit this summer. I have always liked fashion, I just haven’t always been able to dress age and style appropriate (we all go through fazes).


“How to Get Dressed” is an amazing book I just finished reading that is from the perspective of a self made Costume Designer. She goes through every one of her secrets that she has learned from years of making people look good and scene appropriate on sets.

The author shares lots of DIY tricks and tips to make your clothes look and fit great. One that I cannot wait to use is her homemade wrinkle release spray. Combine 1 tsp liquid fabric softener, 1 tsp rubbing alcohol, and 1 cup distilled water in a spray bottle. (test on small patch of fabric before spraying entire garment).

One of my favorite quotes from this book was, “Skinny is not a goal, it is a type of jean.” She teaches you how to find and make clothes fit you, instead of fitting the clothes. Flattering is key. Not squeezing into something that wasn’t made for your body or personality type.


  • Fit: The True Enemy of Great Style
  • Alter Your Clothes, Alter Your Life
  • Dumb Fashion Rules
  • Wardrobe Tools
  • Dressing for Success is Dead
  • Closet Hacks
  • Laundry – You’re Doing it Wrong
  • Dude’s – This One is for You
  • And Many More…

There is even a handy glossary that tells how to remove different stains from clothing and a guide on how to care for specific fabrics.

In Chapter Two she even breaks down each type of clothing into categories and what to look for in a fit or when shopping. Here she talks about measurements that help when shopping for the right fit.

11246977_10206404916782727_1043104972183715308_n After telling a funny story about a cashmere sweater tragedy, Alison explains how to hang items up properly. Hanging everything helps keep the quality of your items in tact and you can more easily see everything. 11252760_10206404916102710_2504106044990018557_n If you are looking at updating your style or just want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to look and feel great in your clothes, this is the book for you!

More Info

Author Bio

**I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my review**

Sunshine & Strawberry Lemonade – P333 Summer 2015

The other night at 10 PM my neighbor was in the yard digging a fire pit for this summer. It is May and with hopes of warmer weather, I made a strawberry lemonade for Mommy 😉



If you have never heard of Project 333, please go check it out. It is amazing!!!

This summer is very different for me. I no longer am pregnant (ya for normal clothes) and I have updated my style significantly over the last year. I also have been taking a break from P333, so it is nice to jump back in.

I do not include PJ’s, Workout clothes, accessories, undershirts, or shoes. I also do not include my work clothes since I do not wear them outside of work ever. It is my spin on a minimalist closet and it is what works for me. The biggest benefit I find is that I feel like I went shopping every time to switch out clothes. I get that excitement and do not become bored with my wardrobe. It is also helpful to not have to look through a bunch of clothes that are out of season or no longer fit.

Ok here we go!

Pictured is 20 pieces that I chose for Spring/Summer. I also have my 3 pairs of jeans (year round) and a few pieces that were in the laundry that I might keep out for a few more weeks until it gets warmer.


I love the blue dress. Still brand new from the end of last summer. I also went thrift shopping and several of the shirts and shorts are “new”. I think I spent a total of $25.

Below is our closet. On the Left is my side, on the right is Hubby and Little Man’s things.

1545596_10206392204424926_4136728544253236212_n 11101823_10206392204944939_6903926133539314509_n

I picked up these colorful bins at the Dollar Tree the other day. They are perfect for Little Man’s clothes. I labeled them with a chalk marker (it will wipe off when I’m ready to use them for something else).


Fall P333 – Taking a Break

After having my son and finally being able to fit back into my clothes again, I was so excited to make my next set of 33. As I was sorting through for my fall clothes, I was a little overwhelmed by the 3+ boxes of clothes that I owned beyond my summer only clothes. As I looked through shirts I hadn’t worn in years and pants that may never fit these hips again, I decided it was time to purge. I put anything that a 30 yr old mom and women pursuing her career would never be caught dead in, to the side. (I’m not thirty yet, but I’m trying to get into classic styles and away from college trends). Then I tried on all pants and got rid of any that didn’t fit. Ouch! I could have set them to the side, but I don’t want to set unrealistic goals. I have larger hips now. I just birthed a child. It is ok that I will never fit into those skinny jeans from junior year again. After the purge was complete, I put all of my shorts and strictly summer shirts (only a few that I don’t want to over wear) into a box. The rest of my clothes went into the closet. Either hung up, in my three drawer dresser, or folded on the top shelf.

I honestly do not know how many pieces that is, but it is everything I own. It isn’t too overwhelming and I have a lot to choose from. I am spending the next 3 months seeing what exactly I do and do not wear in my closet. What pieces need to go away forever, and which ones do I need to find more of to make my wardrobe work. So far it has been freeing and new. I am excited to down size even more in the near future and to get more everyday pieces. There is a good used clothing boutique that just moved in next door that I plan on taking advantage of after my next purge 😀