Curing the Headache


I am one of those people who almost constantly has a headache. It has become just natural to have one throughout the day and most times they come and go without much thought and without me having to do anything to make it better. Then there are days like today when the little ping at one in the afternoon slowly becomes a ragging beast that won’t let me do anything. Here are some remedies, cures, and everyday practices I have found to help tame the beast of headaches and migraines.

Curing the Symptoms:

“Pressure Points I found this while desperately seeking migraine relief. It is defiantly a quick way to get on the track to pain free anytime or place. Pressure points in the hands, feet, and neck can relieve headache tension.

Hot Bath. Take a hot bath. I often only fill the tub with about an inch or two of water, as hot as I can stand, and lay as flat as I can with my hands, feet, and neck on the hot water. Another thing that helps is to place your hands and feet in hot water, then place a cold pack on the back of your neck.

Heating Pad. Place a heating pad on medium with a damp washcloth between the pad and your skin on your neck or back and a washcloth that has been in the freezer on your forehead.

“ACV” Apple Cider Vinegar will help raise the blood PH and relieve symptoms. I often will add a tablespoon to my water bottle. You can also make a tea with honey and ACV or just take a shot of it straight up.


“Peppermint” Peppermint helps relieve headaches. I prefer it in tea form, the warm liquid it soothing when my head is pounding.

Pickle juice. Pickle juice contains vinegar and is excellent for headaches (even hangovers). I drink it when I’m at work and feeling a whopper coming on.

Caffeine. Your headache may be caused by lack of caffeine if you are used to drinking coffee or soda everyday. Even if you are not, a little caffeine might be what does the trick.

Food. Eat something solid (avoid sugar) when you feel that headache nipping. Often a lack of nutrition can cause the pain. I also found this article interesting, “Foods that Fight Pain”.


Yoga. I love yoga. It is mentally and physically relaxing. Often headaches are because of tight or strained muscles in parts f the body that are far away from the head. Here are a few sights I found some helpful yoga poses on:

Poses and Benefits”

“Poses for Back Pain”

“10 Poses for Headaches”

Killing the Root:

Water. Often dehydration is the cause of a headache. Remain hydrated throughout the day, If you feel a headache coming on, drink a tall glass of water before you reach for a bottle of pills.


Avoid slouching or sitting too long. Sometimes when I’ watching TV or on the computer for too long I start getting a headache. Stand up, Stretch often. Be aware of your posture.


Computer Screens. If you are staring at a TV, phone, computer, or tablet for too long your eyes may become tired. If you are supposed to wear glasses, wear them. Little things can go a long ways when you’re feeling your best instead of frustrated and fatigued.

What do you do to help relieve headaches and migraines? We’d love to hear from you.


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